The first international meetup was held at the IUTH


Digitalization is becoming a sustainable trend in the development of the economy and society. The Metauniverse as a stack of advanced technologies prevails in the media space against the backdrop of forecasts about the imminent advent of the web 3.0 era. Although the development horizon is still distant, the international expert community has formed a common stable position: cyber trends will gradually partially or completely replace many traditional types of education, tourism, sports and cultural practices.

Realizing the need for youth foresight, the first international meetup “CYBERTOUR” in the field of digital tourism was held through the prism of cybersports and the growing metauniverse. The global goal is the development of education in the field of metatourism.

The key task of the first meetup is to initiate the launch of the TURANNICA – Web 3.0 project and the creation of the International Interuniversity Department of Cybertourism and Metatourism.

The organizers of the meetup were the International University of Tourism and Hospitality (IUTH) (Turkestan, Kazakhstan), International Scientific and Educational Alliance “International Institute of Youth” (ISEA “IIY”) represented by “INTERYOUTH” SSS (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) and the Open European Academy of Economics and politics (Prague, Czech Republic).

Speakers and listeners from 12 cities were invited to participate: Turkestan, Tashkent, Prague, Toulouse, Cotonou, New Delhi, Ho Chi Minh City, Kungur, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sharjah.