Military department


Improving the quality of military education for students, military-patriotic education, stimulating the creative activity of teachers in educational and methodological work, and developing a system of leading scientific, military, and pedagogical achievements.


Planning, organization, management, and control of the educational process, educational and methodological support of the educational process; planning, organization, and control of research work of teachers and students; organization and control, ensuring high-quality education, forming a contingent of students, improving the pedagogical and scientific qualifications of the teaching staff of the military department.


  • preparation of educational and methodological materials and textbooks, teaching aids that support the educational process;
  • implementation of comprehensive methodological support with unified educational documentation for disciplines at the department, development of educational and methodological materials that involve the use of the most appropriate forms and methods of teaching, rational coordination of methodological approaches, effective use of modern teaching techniques;
  • continuous improvement of the level of training sessions, activation of students’ activities in practical classes, provision of training in the necessary skills and abilities, conducting examinations, analyzing their results;
  • development, based on standard curricula and programs, interdisciplinary and internal connections, reflecting the latest achievements of science, prospects for their development, taking into account regional conditions and features of pre-university training of students, increasing the importance of practical mastery of skills and professional training of specialists.


Head of Military Department
Lieutenant colonel in reserve

Baimbetov Kuanysh Bagdatovich

Academic building, office № 2

Senior teacher
Lieutenant colonel in reserve

Kuanyshbaev Nurbol Abdunabievich

Academic building, office № 2

Reserve lieutenant

Abdibek Yerulan Yergeshuly

Academic building, office № 2

Reserve sergeant

Myrzakhmet Kuanysh Sultanbekovich

Academic building, office № 2