International Cooperation Department


  • realisation of the University’s policy of integration into the international educational space;
  • to assist in passing an international accreditation in order to enter the University into the ratings of the leading universities of the world and get international recognition.


  • interaction with foreign organisations, embassies, universities and scientific centres on the establishment and expansion of international affairs;
  • inviting foreign scientists to give lectures and conduct practical classes for students;
  • organisation of academic mobility of students and teaching staff;
  • organisation of internship programs of the University teachers in foreign universities and scientific centres;
  • coordination of works on the implementation of educational and scientific projects together with foreign universities and scientific centres;
  • work with foreign students;
  • signing of agreements and memorandums of cooperation with foreign universities and organisations.


  • organisational support of works and activities aimed at the development of international cooperation in the interests of the University;
  • determination of priority directions of international co-operation;
  • raising the professional level of scientific, pedagogical and administrative staff of the University by organising participation of employees in various international conferences, symposiums, seminars, foreign internships, providing mastering of advanced forms, methods, means and technologies in education in the sphere of tourism, hospitality and sports;
  • development of double-diploma education and attraction of foreign specialists;
  • admission of foreign students on a contractual basis in accordance with international co-operation agreements;
  • development of international academic mobility programs for students and teaching staff.


Head of Department

Daulet Togizbaev

Educational building, Room No. 206

Chief Specialist

Assel Dilmuratkyzy

Educational building, Room No. 209

Chief Specialist

Kaiyp Enlik Serikkyzy

Educational building, Room No. 209