Department of accounting

The main objectives of the center:

  • participation in the development of drafts of various prospective and current financial plans;
  • exercising control over analytical financial-economic activity of the university, participating in the development of proposals aimed at ensuring solvency, strengthening financial discipline;
  • exercising control over availability and movement of funds, own funds and liabilities,
  • forming the accounting records of the university.

The main functions of the center:

  • exercising control over the preparation of accounting records within the prescribed time limits;
  • executing settlement, credit and financial obligations;
  • carrying out the analysis of budget execution, financial and economical activity of the university;
  • exercising control over budget execution, sales plan, net income generation plan and other financial indicators, proper spending of funds;
  • ensuring reporting on the results of financial activities in accordance with the standards of financial accounting and reporting.


Head of Department- chief accountant

Ibraeva Zhanylsyn Yeseevna

Rector’s office, Room No. 213

Chief Specialist

Turganbayeva Zhanna Baktybayevna

Rector’s office, Room No. 213

Settlement accountant

Abdullayeva Ainur

Rector’s office, Room No. 213

Accountant for material settlements

Munaitpas Tokzhan Yerzhankyzy

Rector’s office, Room No. 213