Student clubs

NLC “International University of Tourism and Hospitality” has more than 12 student clubs and several youth public organisations, which devote all their activities to the all-round development of young people, in such areas as volunteering, patriotism, culture, sport, friendship and civil law.

These include: the Saukele club; the Q-Servise club; the Extripe geographical tours club; the new Art of living psychological club; the Jas Qadam youth volunteer organisation; the Avenue club for young talents; the Serpin debating club; and the Jas Sarbaz patriotic club.

Student clubs provide students with an opportunity to realise their ideas and turn them into reality. Involvement in student clubs gives students the opportunity to expand their intellectual and leadership abilities through self-management of clubs, which are a link between the governing body and students.

There are many benefits of being involved in student clubs: the opportunity to make new friends, develop new skills, work as a team, set and achieve goals, develop creativity, and have an interesting and fun time.

Student life is a new environment, a positive outlook, an optimistic and strong spirit, a quick adaptation to spiritual and academic environment, an open path and a great feeling of well-being.