Grants for training




The International University of Tourism and Hospitality is the first state specialized university in Kazakhstan, which trains highly qualified specialists of international level for the field of tourism and hospitality.


The International University of Tourism and Hospitality offers training in the following groups of educational programs:


B091 – Tourism (geography, foreign language)

B092 – Leisure (Sports and wellness fitness) (I, II creative exams)

B093 – Restaurant business and hotel business (geography, foreign language)


It is mandatory that the profile subjects of applicants for the educational programs “B091-Tourism” and “B093-Restaurant business and hotel business” should be: GEOGRAPHY-A FOREIGN LANGUAGE. The total score is above 50 points. At the same time, it is necessary to score at least 5 points for each UNT subject.


For those entering the educational program B092-Leisure (Sports and wellness fitness), scores in the History of Kazakhstan and Reading Literacy over 5 points are taken into account, regardless of the selected profile subjects at the UNT, you will be able to participate in the GRANT competition!


Documents are accepted from June 20 to August 19, 2024. Applicants living in remote regions can apply online by visiting the official website of the university


Documents for admission:

  • Statement;
  • Certificate of secondary education (after school) / diploma of secondary special education (after college) with an appendix (original);
  • Photo 3*4 (6 pieces);
  • A copy of the identity card;
  • Medical certificate Form 075-U;
  • Certificate based on the results of the UNT;
  • The case is a folder, A5 is an envelope.


The results of the competition will be announced on August 20-21, 2024.


Our address:

161200, Turkestan, Rabiga Sultan Begim Street No. 14 A.

Contacts: 8(72533)58724

WhatsApp: +7 (707) 317-43-56, +7 (708) 225-83-27.

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