Maintenance department


The main goal of the Department is to ensure effective economic activities aimed at organizing rational production, economic and financial-economic activities of the University and monitoring the implementation of planned indicators for all types of activities; ensuring the safety of University buildings, household inventory and its restoration and refilling.


Ensuring the administrative and economic activities of the University: maintenance of buildings, premises (academic buildings, dormitories), equipment (heating systems, water supply, ventilation, electrical networks, etc.); planning, organizing and monitoring their current and major repairs, providing the University with the necessary material resources for the normal functioning of the educational process (supply of furniture, household equipment, means of mechanization of engineering and management work), organizing transport support.


  • Ensuring safety, labor protection, fire safety and compliance with emergency requirements.
  • Formation of current and long-term plans for reconstruction, major and current repairs of buildings, premises and life support systems; economic maintenance and ensuring proper condition in accordance with the rules and regulations of industrial sanitation of buildings and premises; identifying needs for equipment of buildings and their life support systems.
  • Timely logistical support of the University. Providing the structural units of the University with furniture, equipment, stationery, necessary household materials and equipment; control over the rational use of materials and funds allocated for economic purposes; obtaining and ensuring storage conditions for equipment, inventory, household materials, office supplies, recording their consumption and drawing up established reporting; organization and control of warehouse activities.
  • Participation in the inventory of buildings, premises, equipment in order to control their safeguard; carrying out technical supervision of the progress of repair work on buildings and premises; carrying out scheduled preventative repairs of buildings, premises and structures; renovation of premises, quality control of repair work.
  • Equipment installation; ensuring the safety of operated equipment and inventory; organization of operation and timely repair of technical equipment (electrical and engineering networks, systems: heating, drainage, ventilation, etc.) in accordance with current rules and regulations; uninterrupted supply of University buildings and premises with electricity, heat, water and control over their rational use.
  • Providing uninterrupted services to utilities, transport and communications.
  • Interaction with external contractors, quality control of the work of external contractors, within the scope of their authority.
  • Obtaining architectural and planning assignments (APZ), technical specifications for buildings and structures.
  • Strategic planning for the development of economic activities of the University and organization of their implementation.
  • Ensuring control over compliance with environmental protection legislation, as well as technical supervision and control over the timing and quality of all construction, installation and other construction works, over their compliance with the approved design and estimate documentation, building codes, rules, standards and technical specifications (taking into account conditions for people with disabilities).
  • Ensuring cleanliness on the territory and in the buildings of the University, municipal improvement, landscaping, festive decoration of building facades; organization of sanitary cleaning of premises and surrounding areas, garbage removal.
  • Fulfillment of relevant requests from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other government bodies.


Department head

Ibragimov Murat Konratbayevich

Rector`s offise, offise No. 306

Chief engineer

Zhanaidaruly Daniyar

Rector`s offise, offise No. 304

Warehouse manager

Baibatshaev Abai Erkinbekovich

Rector`s offise, offise No. 304