Meeting with the professional

A meeting of students with the managers of the Rixos Water World Aktau hotel took place. The team of the largest Rixos hotel in Kazakhstan, which offers its guests an All-inclusive vacation, spoke about internships and further employment in the company.

One of the main desires of most people is to realize themselves in the profession. For many of them, a job that meets both moral and financial requirements seems to be an unrealizable fairy tale. In this regard, the project”Meeting with the Professional” of the Chairman of the Board-Rector of the International University of Tourism and Hospitality  introduces students to real, hardworking people, professionals in their field.

 The speakers talked about how they came to the profession, gave valuable advice and recommendations to students: what they, future specialists, can do now professionally, what skills and, most importantly, how to develop them for successful implementation in the hotel business.