Humanities school


School mission:

Formation of spiritual and moral principles through immersion in history and culture, assistance in training competitive, competent specialists ready for full and effective participation in various types of life activities in the information society.

The main goal of the school:

Creation of a high-quality educational environment that meets the challenges and requirements of our time.

School objectives:

  • Development of research activities (application of one’s own scientific and applied results in educational activities);
  • Strengthening mutually beneficial educational and scientific relations with leading universities and research centers;
  • Creating conditions for the implementation of a system of spiritual and patriotic education of the student’s personality within the framework of general educational disciplines.

  About Us:

 The school has 16 qualified teachers, each of whom is a professional in their field. Of these, 10 candidates of science, 2 PhD, 3 senior teachers and 1 master. The degree level of the school is 75%.

Head of the School:

Dinasheva Lazat Sarsenbekovna – candidate of historical sciences, associate professor.


School methodologist:

Turlybekova Zhazira Kurmanalikyzy