“Kasip Talks”

Our students took part in such a forum called “Kasip Talks”, which was held in the TEDx format. Active entrepreneurs talked about the path they have traveled, shared their achievements and successes.

Among the speakers were:

🔹 Uygyn Abishev – the founder of the furniture factory “Asia Brand”;

🔹 Makpal Shadai – the author and founder of the SMM agency “Minsvel”, producer, journalist

🔹 Dias Berikbaev – the founder of the travel agency “HumbleFox”

🔹 Yerzhan Kangeldiev – the business coach

🔹 Marat Syrgabay – the founder of the largest agency “Safba media”

Such meetings are of great importance for young people. After all, it also expands social elevators for their professional and personal growth.

  • “Kasip Talks”