“6B11105 – Management of Tourism Destinations”

This educational program prepares highly qualified specialists for the tourism and hospitality industry in higher education, owning the basics of science, in the field of modern innovative technologies and with competencies in professional activities aimed at improving the tourism and hospitality industry at the regional, national and international levels..

According to the educational program of the Management of Tourism Destinations, the following main disciplines are taught: Management of Sustainable Development of Tourist Destinations; Organization of Domestic Tourism; Event Management; Strategic Management in Tourism, Marketing of Tourist Destinations, Brand Management in Tourism, PR in Tourism, Animation Activities in the Hospitality Industry, Logistics in the Tourism industry, Public Administration in Tourism and Hospitality, HR in Tourism.

Internship: Students undergo internships in leading Kazakhstan and international hotels, catering establishments and tourist organizations, travel agencies and state and local departments of tourism departments.

A student who has completed an educational program can perform the following functions: Management of tourist activities in state and public organizations, manager for the promotion of tourist destinations, entrepreneur in the field of tourism, consulting in the field of planning and management of tourist business, organization of exhibitions and fairs of tourism and hospitality, organization of Event events, administrator in hotels( restaurants), travel agent, tour operator, specialist in state institutions, public organizations and private consulting companies in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Graduates can work at enterprises of various forms of ownership in the field of tourism and hospitality: Enterprises of the tourism and hospitality industry of various forms of ownership: state bodies, public organizations, private companies; Republican, international tour operator and travel agent companies; enterprises of accommodation and catering; objects of cultural and leisure activities; sanatorium and health-improving institutions; republican and international exhibition centers; secondary professional training centers; children and youth centers of active tourism.