“6B11107 – Sports and wellness fitness”

This educational program trains qualified specialists for the service sector in the higher education system who possess the basics of sciences, modern innovative technologies and have competencies and skills in professional activities aimed at organizing leisure in the hospitality industry at the regional, national and international levels.

“Sports and wellness Fitness” is the training of top-level sports coaches and fitness instructors of a new generation of health clubs with basic scientific training, able to integrate into the practice of sports and wellness physical culture the world’s innovative experience of high-quality sports, wellness and relaxation services.

According to the educational program “Sports and wellness fitness”, the following main disciplines are taught: Fundamentals of adaptive physical culture, Pilates system, Functional fitness coaching, Medical control in adaptive physical culture, Sports and wellness services, Nutrition in fitness, Children’s fitness, Sports and wellness tourism and orienteering, Organization of events in the field of sports, recreation and tourism, Innovative technologies in fitness, Modern types of fitness (Cardio), Fitness and aerobics, Strength training in fitness, Crossfit, Technologies and methods of fitness training, Fundamentals of sports medicine.

Graduates can work: in government agencies, public organizations, private companies, cultural and leisure facilities, sanatorium and health facilities, secondary vocational educational institutions and centers, children’s and youth sports schools.