Tourism school

The School of Tourism of the International University of Tourism and Hospitality trains specialists in 4 educational programs in the group of educational programs B091, in accordance with the Bologna Declaration, the system of credit education:

  • 6B11102 International and domestic tourism
  • 6B11103 Organization of sightseeing services and individual tours
  • 6B11105 Management of tourist destinations
  • 6B11108 Management of organized tourism and excursion and animation activities

The School of Tourism employs highly qualified teaching staff, which contributes to the development of this field. Currently in the:

29 teaching and support staff: 12 candidates of sciences and PhD of them: 2-professors, 3- associate professors, 7-acting associate professor, 17-Masters of Science in the field of tourism.

In order to increase the level of students’ knowledge, representatives of government agencies, business organizations, as well as employers are involved in the educational and scientific process in the educational program of the department. All training programs have been developed taking into account modern economic and other changes, the requirements of employers and business representatives, including the basic requirements of the draft professional standard (developed by the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan “Atameken”).

Today, all disciplines provided for study are provided with appropriate textbooks, teachers of the department develop educational and methodological complexes of disciplines, determine the schedule of independent work, work on the organization and conduct of industrial (professional) practice.

State organizations and representatives of foreign and domestic businesses actively participate in the development of educational programs.

Students of educational programs, within the framework of dual training, have the opportunity to take practical classes in companies of the tourism industry and 4-5 star hotels of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



The educational programs of the department are aimed at training personnel in the field of tourism and hospitality, who have a high level of readiness to implement basic professional functions, meeting the needs of society, the state and the individual in obtaining high-quality higher education. Providing professional training and competitive specialists with theoretical knowledge, necessary practical skills in the field of tourism and hospitality and able to use modern innovative technologies in accordance with modern requirements of the international labor market.

Compulsory disciplines

Techniques and tactics of active types of tourism, Tourism Management, Tourism Marketing, Geography of International Tourism, Fundamentals of Turismology, Museology, Tourist Local Lore, Organization of hotel and restaurant business, Management of hotel and restaurant business, Marketing of hotel and restaurant business, Introduction to Academic Writing, Leadership, Tourist and Sports Training, Introduction to Academic Writing, Tourism economics, Tourist zoning, Geography of International Tourism, Tourism Infrastructure, Business planning in Tourism, English for Specific Purposes, Scientific-research activity in tourism, Standardization and certification in tourism, Industrial practice

Educational trajectories

Educational trajectories:
The individual educational trajectory is one of the key factors in the development of the higher education system today. Providing students with the opportunity to independently build their educational program, choosing disciplines that best meet their interests and the challenges of the time, contributes to improving the quality of education and, consequently, the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market.
The International University of Tourism and Hospitality offers the following educational trajectories:
– 6B11102-International and domestic tourism: Eco-Ethno-Agro management; Tour operator and travel agency activities;
− 6B11104-Hotel and restaurant business: Hotel management;Restaurant management;
− 6B11105-Management of tourist destinations: Brand management; Innovation management;
− 6B11108-Organization of excursion services and individual tours: Excursion and animation activities; Organized tourism;
− 6B11109-Event management: Corporate event management; Cultural and entertainment event management;

Professional practice

The industrial (professional) practice of students is an integral part of the educational process and is aimed at consolidating and deepening the knowledge and skills acquired by students in the learning process, as well as mastering the system of professional skills and initial experience of professional activity in the specialty being studied. The passage of educational and professional practice of students in an accredited PLO corresponds to the training of highly qualified specialists and is carried out in specialized institutions assigned to the university in accordance with the established procedure. The passage of students of educational and professional practice is a mandatory component of training in the OP specialty.


An additional educational program (Minor) is a program of study that a student can choose during the process of studying in the main educational program (Major). As part of the educational program, the university offers students a choice of additional education – Minor. Minor is selected from the catalog of additional education programs after the 1st year and consists of 3 disciplines with a volume of 5 credits each, allows you to form additional professional competencies in various subject areas.
The International University of Tourism and Hospitality offers the following Minor programs:
1. Hotel management;
2. Restaurant management;
3. Event management;
4. Travel agency and tour operator activities;
5. Excursion service;
6. Sports tourism;
7. Fundamentals of language communication in the field of modern tourism (Turkish, Chinese, German;
8. Sports instructor;
9. Wrestling coach;
10. Sports and Intellectual games coach

School composition

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