Umirzakova Zaure Asetovna
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Turkestan, Rabiga Sultan Begim street 14 «B»

Umirzakova Zaure Asetovna

Master Senior Teacher of the Department «GeneralEducation Disciplines»



  • Almaty State University named after Abai, Faculty of Philology, 1988-1993 Specialty “Russian language and literature in the national school”. Qualification “Teacher of Russian language and literature at the national school”.
  • Postgraduate student of the Department of Comparative Grammar and Translation, 1995-1998 Almaty state University named after Abai.
  • The topic of the dissertation for the degree of candidate of philological sciences “Word-building field of names of persons by profession in the Russian and Kazakh languages”, code of specialties “10.02.01 – Russian language” and “10.02.02 – Kazakh language”, April 20, 1999, KazNPU named after Abai. Scientific adviser:, prof. Akhmetzhanova Z.K.
  • Academic title of associate professor (associate professor) in the specialty “10.02.00 – Linguistics”, 2009.


  • Textbooks: Reader on the theory of translation (excerpts and extracts) (Almaty: ASU named after Abai, 2001, 13 p.) (Co-authored by Akhmetzhanova Z.K., Aldasheva A.M. and others); “Basic concepts of word formation in the Russian and Kazakh languages” (Almaty, 2004, 7 p.); “Scientific style of Russian speech” (Almaty, 2007, 10 p.); “The Pragmatic Aspect of Discourse”. Tutorial. – Almaty, 2017 – 160 p. (Co-authored by Akhmetzhanova Z.K., Ernazarova Z.Sh.); Russian language: textbook for students of economic specialties of universities. – Almaty, UMB, 2019. – 218 p.
  • Monograph: “Culture in the Mirror of Language”. – Almaty: Yeltanym Publishing House, 2014. – 480 p. (Co-authored by Akhmetzhanova Z.K., Onalbaeva A.T.).
  • 2 electronic textbooks: Scientific style of Russian speech. – Electronic textbook (PROFITSOFT software product). – Almaty: KazNPU named after Abay, Hall of Electronic Resources (ZER), 2013; Development of literary scientific speech skills. – Electronic textbook (PROFITSOFT software product). – Almaty: KazNPU named after Abay, Hall of Electronic Resources (ZER), 2013 (Co-authored with Abaev V.E.).
  • 72 scientific articles were published, 15 of them in the far abroad, 3 in the near abroad, 11 in the Journals of the KKSON RK, 4 articles in the publications included in the Scopus scientometric database, 41 in the collections of proceedings and conference materials, as well as in the journals of the RK.

Scientific interests:

Comparative linguoculturology, communicative linguistics, pragmalinguistics.

Certificates, advanced training courses:

  • Participant of the International scientific-practical conference of young scientists and students “Education and science: a modern view”. Bektibaeva S. MUTiG certificate, 12.04.2022.
  • Participant of the XIII international scientific and practical conference “Multidisciplinary academic research, innovation and results” Certificate 24 hours, Czech Republic, 05-08.04.2022.
  • Republican scientific and methodological online seminar on the topic: “Modern trends in teaching the Russian language and literature at school” Certificate 72 hours. Almaty KazNPU named after. Abay, 04-14.04.2022.
  • Participant of the International Winter School “Auezov University-2022” in the direction “World and national trends in the study and teaching of philology” Registration number 2450. Certificate 90 hours. Auezov University, Shymkent, 21.02-05.03.2022.
  • Participant of the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual Scientific Research” Certificate of the Russian Federation, Penza, 20.02.2022.
  • Refresher courses on the topic: “Innovative methods of teaching the academic discipline “Russian language”” Order No. 128 dated December 10, 2022. Almaty Center for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Personnel. Training center “ALKA”. Certificate 72 hours, 10.01-31.01.2022.
  • Hybrid/Blended teaching and learning training courses prof. Zaza Tsotniashvili. Certificate 72 hours. IUTiG, 16.11-17.12.2021.
  • “Improving the efficiency of the implementation of educational services in universities”, University of International Business, Certificate 72 hours, 14- 18.06.2021.
  • “Space of Science: Methodology and Innovative Technologies”, University of International Business, Certificate 72 hours, 11-22.01.2021.
  • Online PC courses “Effective methods and techniques of teaching Russian as a non-native language” on the basis of the PC center and additional education “Galymnur”. Turkestan city. Certificate 72 hours, 02-13.11. 2020.
  • Online PC courses “Innovative teaching methods in the context of globalization” on the basis of the PC center and additional education “Galymnur”. Turkestan city. Certificate 72 hours, 02-13.11. 2020.
  • Online courses “Russian as a tool for successful communication” with honors, provided by the National Research Center of Tomsk State University on the COURSERA educational platform, 11/18/2020
  • Online PC courses “Learning to teach remotely” with honors in the Center of NIS, Almaty, 40 hours, 11/28/2020.
  • International online seminar “Actual problems of digital language learning” Almaty, Turan-Astana International Educational Corporation, 01/20/2020.
  • Participant of seminars and trainings of the Summer Course for Advanced Training of UIB teachers in MSTeams on the topic: “Implementation of educational programs using modern ICT” Certificate 72 hours, 01/25/2020.
  • Participation in the 7th International Theoretical and Practical Conference (online) “Scientific Achievements of Modern Society”, Liverpool, Great Britain Certificate 24 hours, 04-06.03. 2020.
  • Participant of the International scientific and practical conference “New approaches to the development of the economy of Kazakhstan at the present stage: features and prospects” Almaty, UMB, April, 2020.
  • Seminars and trainings on advanced training “Research potential as a factor in the global competitiveness of modern universities” in the specialization “Pedagogical Sciences” Almaty University of International Business Certificate 72 hours, 13-24.01.2020.
  • Participant of the courses “Theory and practice of teaching languages in the system of secondary and higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. International Educational Corporation, KazGASA and the Institute of Innovations and Additional Education. Certificate 72 hours, 20.11.2019.
  • Participant of the courses “Modern Linguistic Pragmatics and Discourse Studies”. KazNPU them. Abai (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and the Center for Eastern European Education at the University of Warmia and Mazury (Olsztyn, Poland). Certificate 76 hours, 19-28.10.2019.
  • Participant of the traveling series of educational seminars and master classes “Russian language in literature, science, history”, Almaty, ANO “Evrika Institute for Educational Policy”, Moscow. Certificate 120 hours, 19.02.2019, etc.

Teaching disciplines:

Russian language