In memory of Temirbek Zhurgenov

An event under the name «An terbetip zhurekti»- dedicated to the 125th anniversary of T.K. Zhurgenov, a prominent statesman and public figure, People’s Commissar of Education, was held.

The event was attended by such well-known cultural figures as the composers Kuralai Satmukhanbetova and Bekzhigit Serdali, as well as the poet Sanjar Gulama.

The guests spoke about the merits of Temirbek Zhurgenov, about his advocation of the progressive development of national culture, about his efforts to preserve its originality and uniqueness. Achievements of cultural development of the 20-30s served as a fundamental basis and determined the main directions for further progress in the further development of Kazakhstan.

The songs of the composers Bekzhigit Serdali and Kuralai Satmukhanbetova were performed, and the poems of the poet Sanjar Gulama were recited.

Telling about our songs that have become folk works allowed to instill national values in students as much as possible, to acquaint the younger generation with the activities of a person standing at the origins of national culture, to widely present his multifaceted personality. This was the main task of the event organized by the Department of “Languages”