Center for International Cooperation

Mission of the Center for International cooperation

The internationalization of the University’s activities is one of the strategic directions of the university. Within the framework of this direction, the University gradually and systematically develops international cooperation in the interests of the set goals. For a more effective establishment of international relations, the University has a Center for International Cooperation. To strengthen and develop international activities, the Center for International Cooperation is working with universities, administrative structures in the direction of organizing representative offices abroad in countries that are of interest for its purposes of attracting foreign students.

Among the activities of the CMS, one can note the projects of academic mobility (exchange of students and teaching staff, conducting scientific and practical seminars, lecturing with foreign lecturers); cooperation with organizations (signing agreements on research work, applying for international grants, projects and programs); participation in international events (entering the world rankings of Universities, associations).

The main goal of the Center for International Cooperation

The main goal of the Center for International Cooperation is the organization and coordination of the University’s participation in international cooperation programs aimed at improving the quality of education in accordance with international requirements for the organization of the educational process and the development of science, the development and strengthening of international relations and business partnerships with foreign higher educational institutions, international educational organizations , corporations and the implementation of academic mobility.

  • Coordination and organization of international relations, implementation of the concept of international cooperation of the University;
  • Participation in programs of bilateral and multilateral exchange of students, pedagogical and scientific workers;
  • Providing training for foreign students arriving at the University within the framework of the academic mobility program;
  • Providing ongoing consulting and other assistance to departments and employees of the University; organizing the work of foreign teachers at the University, preparing letters of invitation, drawing up programs of stay, translating the text of contracts;
  • Assistance to departments of the University in obtaining foreign grants;
  • Assistance in the transformation of the University into an international scientific and educational innovative complex.

Achievements of the Center for international cooperation

The Center for International Cooperation signed 22 memorandums with universities in France, Portugal, China, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, Belarus, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Austria, Malaysia, Hungary, etc.

3 internships were organized, 1 of which is international and 2 of them take place in Kazakhstan in the Rixos, The Land of Legends, etc.

A special feature of the university is a joint international internship with Antalya Bilim University for IUTH students in the Republic of Turkey, organized by the Center for International Cooperation. The ABU TELP protocol, on the basis of which the internship takes place, takes place in the Rixos hotel chain. The internship includes a free roundtrip flight, accommodation, meals, training in certain disciplines and work for interns.

International cooperation agreements have been concluded

ABU TELP international internship in the Republic of Turkey