The International University of Tourism and Hospitality hosted a forum on the implementation of the pilot project “Tabarruk-Ziyarat”

A forum on the implementation of the pilot project “Tabarruk-Ziyarat” was held at the International University of Tourism and Hospitality. The forum was attended by representatives of the organization of Turkic states, the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the customs and border services, as well as the internal affairs service and the tourist community.

With a view to developing tourism, this year Azerbaijan hosted the VII meeting of the tourism ministers of the member countries of the Organization of Turkic States (hereinafter referred to as OTS), as a result of which it was decided to hold a trilateral meeting to develop a pilot project “Tabarruk-Ziyarat” with the participation of the OTS secretariat and delegations of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

To further study the issues of the project implementation, an online meeting was held on September 19 this year with the participation of interested state bodies and organizations of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, including the OTS secretariat. In turn, following the results of the meeting, it was decided to further discuss the project implementation within the framework of the “Tabarruk-Ziyarat Pilot Project Implementation forum”.

During the forum, Aidos Sakenov, the Chairman of the Board – Rector of the International University of Tourism and Hospitality, emphasized the importance of this event for the university, at the same time, he focused on discussing ways to strengthen mutual cooperation. 

According to the regulations, three international tourism organizations, namely “Anor Travel» LLC, “Anor Travel Navai” LLC, “Muhammad Sharif” LLC, signed a memorandum with the university at the end of the forum.