University passport


NJSC “International University of Tourism and Hospitality”

Abbreviated name


Year of foundation

2019 year.


Rector-Murzamadiyeva Mainura

Certificates, licenses

State license no. KZ05LAA00018250

BIN: 190440033845


1 faculty

2 departments

Training of specialists

2 directions, 6 educational programs for bachelor’s degree


The university’s infrastructure includes:

The total area of the university is 2.5 hectares,

The total area of the building is 15,600 sq. m.

Academic building – 3276.2 sq. m.,

Dormitories with 290 beds

Olympic Reserve School

For practical training – the Center of traditional handicrafts ” Uly Zhibek Zholy»

Contingent of students

Total number of students – 585

B091 Tourism – 361

B093 Restaurant and hotel business-91

B005 Training of physical education teachers-133

International cooperation

International cooperation agreements have been concluded:

  1. Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Salzburg, Austria;
  2. Antalya Tourism Academy, Turkey;
  3. Taylor University, Malaysia;
  4. Institute of Cultural Heritage, Sharjah, UAE;
  5. Pegasus Educational Group “KinderWorld”, Singapore;
  6. Peoples ‘ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia;
  7. University of Angers, Angers, France;
  8. University of the Algarve, Portugal;
  9. “The Emirates Academy of hospitality management”, Dubai, United Arab Emirates;
  10. Antalya Bilim University.


Republic of Kazakhstan, Turkestan, Rabigi Sultan Begim str., 14B