Language center


We are created to serve as a reliable guide to the world of foreign languages, new acquaintances and achievements.

The University has signed agreements on mutual cooperation with 15 foreign universities and research and educational centers. Memorandum of cooperation were signed with universities in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast and Central Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates( Sharjah), Austria (Salzburg), France (Angers) and Uzbekistan (Samarkand).


  • Deepening in knowledge about the world of the language being studied;

  • Development of practical skills of professional translation in combination with the study of language theory and translation theory;

  • Formation of programs for additional and in-depth study of foreign languages;

  • Carrying out a complex of educational and methodological measures (courses, testing, etc.) to ensure the improvement of the levels of language training of students.

Partner universities

  • Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Salzburg, Austria; 
  • Antalya Tourism Academy, Turkey; 
  • Taylor University, Malaysia; 
  • Institute of Cultural Heritage, Sharjah, UAE; 
  • Pegasus Educational Group “KinderWorld”, Singapore; 
  • Peoples ‘ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia; 
  • University of Angers, Angers, France;
  • University of the Algarve,  Portugal;
  • “The Emirates Academy of hospitality management”, Dubai, United Arab Emirates;
  • Antalya Bilim University.


Learning foreign languages is one of the most important components of a successful professional activity.

The main goal of the Center for Language Development is the formation and development of intercultural professional communicative competence of university students.

In our language center, you can learn and improve one of the five main UN languages, such as: English, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish and French. Learn one or more languages at the same time with the help of professional teachers, as well as with native speakers, for a quick immersion in the language environment.