Department of Languages

The mission of the Department of Languages ​​is the high-quality language training of future tourism and sports professionals who are ready to successfully integrate into the national and international professional community in order to promote domestic science and economics.

The Department of Languages ​​was formed in September 2022 in order to qualitatively improve the level of training of students studying in the specialties Tourism and Hospitality. It is designed to ensure the fulfillment of educational, organizational and methodological tasks of the university, a component of which is a foreign language.

The main goal of the department is to create conditions and organize the educational process, which contributes to the active mastery of foreign languages ​​(Kazakh, English, Russian, Turkish and Chinese) by students for oral and written communication in the process of social and professional activities.

The department provides training for students of undergraduate programs of the University in such disciplines as “Kazakh language”, “Professional Kazakh language”, “Russian language”, “Professional Russian language”, “Business Russian language”, “English language”, “Professional English language” , “Business English”.”Turkish language”, “Professional Turkish”, “Chinese language”,

The main educational directions of the department:

– organization and conduct of educational and methodological work in language disciplines;

– the use of new innovative technologies in the educational process, as well as effective methods of distance learning;

– improving the quality of teaching;

– teaching foreign languages, development of trilingualism on the basis of the program “Trinity of Languages”;

– fostering a sense of patriotism, the formation of a healthy lifestyle,

The faculty of the department consists of 21 people, of which 8 are candidates of science, 10 are senior teachers, 3 are masters.

Head of Department

Faizulla Gulnaz Faizullakyzy

Associate professor

E-mail: faizulla.g@iuth.edu.kz

Mob:+7 776 388 83 93

Department laboratory assistant:

Zhaksybek Arailym.

E-mail: turlybekova.zh@iuth.edu.kz

Department address: st. Rabigi Sultan Begim, 14b, Educational building No. 2, 3rd floor, office 304.